:: hand dyed-to-order yarn that ships in 2-5 weeks ::

Legacy TussaLin Dyed-to-Order

Legacy TussaLin Dyed-to-Order

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It's the last of the legacy TL!

Please make sure to use the order notes to tell me what colorway you want for each skein you purchase. If you forget, don't worry, I'll track you down. :)

All of the full weight skeins are now gone, though I still have some skeins that arrived light and weigh in between 3.5 and 3.9 oz. These light weight skeins are listed at a small discount. Please be aware that colors may strike darker on these skeins because there is less fiber to dye.  

Dyed to order yarn will ship in 2-5 weeks, depending on my queue size.

About TL (now replaced by TLprime{hl})

65/35 Tussah Silk/Linen, 756 yards (692 meters) / 4 oz

TussaLin weighs in as a heavy lace at 600m/100g, though it’s easy to get to gauge when knit as light fingering.

Tussah is ‘wild’ silk with a rustic feel, a perfect complement to the linen in this yarn for summer or warm weather knitting. The combination of tussah silk and linen produces a luxurious yarn with a smooth feel and excellent stitch definition. It blocks beautifully, delivering a soft, yet crisp garment or shawl.

The yarn is not fuzzy or stretchy. In fact, it feels a bit like you’re knitting with string - string with a gorgeous, subtle, silky sheen. I love knitting with this yarn - there’s something very straightforward about it - it knits flat, glows in the sunlight, and has the most amazing definition.

TL is very toothy and notoriously tricky to cake!
If you’re concerned about doing it yourself, I recommend you order my caking add-on service for a nominal fee.

TussaLin is not strong enough to be used as the warp in weaving.

Hand washing is recommended. The dyes I use are low-impact Procion MX fiber reactive dyes, the same that I use for all dyedianadye garments and accessories. I use a cold water process, randomly distributing color, often in multiple baths to produce a glazed and layered effect. The result is no regular striping or predictable pooling. In addition, both the silk and linen fibers take up the color. You will not have white linen strings or haze in this yarn.

All skeins within a lot or between lots will vary from one other. If your garment requires more than a single skein, consider alternating between skeins.

Base yarn spun in Canada and dyed by me in my Atlanta studio.