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DDD Yarn Bases

I dye premium non-wool yarns - various silk blends and bamboos. I don't have anything against wool or other animal fibers, it's just that the processes I use are only appropriate for silk and vegetable fibers. My lineup includes fifteen different yarn bases in seven families.

My yarn bases are named so they're easy to decipher and understand. The first part of the name describes the fiber the yarn is made of. This is the family. The second part, in curly brackets, describes the weight of the yarn. TL is an exception - it was my first base and does not have a weight descriptor in its name. 

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TussaLin (TL) - $32.00
Light fingering/heavy lace, 65% Tussah Silk, 35% Linen, 756y/691m/4oz
Wild silk and fluffy linen, rustic, with a matte finish, very soft for linen, knits up light as air and holds a block beautifully. TL is not strong enough to be used as a warp in weaving. Spun in Canada.
:: ALERT! TL is very toothy and notoriously tricky to cake.
If you're concerned about doing it yourself, I will cake it for you for a nominal fee.
TussaLin{sport} (TL{s}) - $32.00

Sport, 65% Tussah Silk, 35% Linen, 378y/346m/4oz
Two strands of TL twisted together to make a dense, round, delicious yarn. Perfect for tops and cardigans, especially for warm weather wear. TL{s} is not strong enough to be used as a warp in weaving. Spun in Canada.


TussaSilk{f} (TS{f}) - $38.00
Single ply fingering, 100% Tussah Silk, 437y/400m/100g
Pure wild silk with a grabby hand and a natural honey color before it’s dyed - gorgeous to work with, has a lovely halo, a subtle sheen, and great stitch definition. Use for shawls, scarves, shrugs, and luxurious garments. Spun in Switzerland.


FlaxenSilk{cobweb} (FS{c}) - $39.00
Cobweb, 65% Mulberry Silk, 35% Bleached Linen, 1640y/1500m/100g
Light as air and oh, so elegant. If you're looking for a toothy, gossamer lace that blocks to crisp and shiny perfection, FS{c} is for you. Spun in Switzerland.

FlaxenSilk{lace} (FS{l}) - $38.00
Lace, 65% Mulberry Silk, 35% Bleached Linen, 875y/800m/100g
Very shiny and utterly elegant, with an almost waxy hand, makes divinely gorgeous lace and holds a block magnificently. Spun in Switzerland.

FlaxenSilk{fingering 4} (FS{f4}) - $38.00
Fingering, 65% Mulberry Silk, 35% Bleached Linen, 437y/400m/100g
Softer and a bit more plump than her more tightly twisted f2 sister, elegant, super shiny, very soft, gorgeous stitch definition. Spun in Switzerland.

FlaxenSilk{fingering 2} (FS{f2}) - $37.00
Fingering, 65% Mulberry Silk, 35% Linen, 437y/400m/100g
With a smooth, even twist, and a smaller radius and harder finish than her f4 sister. Gorgeous stitch definition and an elegant, weighty drape. Spun in Switzerland.

FlaxenSilk{double knit} (FS{dk}) - $37.00
DK, 65% Mulberry Silk, 35% Bleached Linen, 273y/250m/100g
The biggest sister of the FS family, this one has a lovely sheen and a definite twist, fabulous texture, divine drape. Perfect for an elegant cardi or top. Spun in Switzerland.


SilkenSea{lace} (SS{l}) - $39.00
Lace, 70% Mulberry Silk, 30% SeaCell, 875y/800m/100g
Luscious sheen, smooth twist, drapy and oh, so elegant. Lovely in anything lacy. Spun in Switzerland.

SilkenSea{fingering} (SS{f}) - $39.00
Fingering, 70% Mulberry Silk, 30% SeaCell, 437y/400m/100g
Exactly the same as her lacy sister SS{l}, but with twice the plies. Utterly delicious and totally luxe. Spun in Switzerland.


SilkyBoo{lace} (SB{l}) - $38.00
Lace, 51% Mulberry Silk, 49% Bamboo, 875y/800m/100g
Shiny, elegant, easy to handle and knit. Blocks beautifully. Slight halo. Spun in Switzerland.

SilkyBoo{sport} (SB{s}) - $38.00
Sport, 51% Mulberry Silk, 49% Bamboo, 326y/300m/100g
Shiny, elegant, easy to handle, knit, and block. With a slight halo. Knits more like a heavy fingering than many sport weights. Spun in Switzerland.


PurBamboo{heavy lace} (PB{hl}) - $33.00
Heavy lace, 100% Bamboo, 694y/616m/150g
Very shiny, lovely to knit, gorgeous stitch definition, blocks beautifully. Spun in Canada.

PurBamboo{fingering} (PB{f}) - $28.00
Fingering, 100% Bamboo, 378y/346m/4oz
A slightly looser spin than her lace sister, this yarn is wonderful to knit or weave, with gorgeous stitch definition, and blocks beautifully. Spun in Canada.


muBamboo{light fingering}  (mB{lf}) - $35.00
Multi-stranded light fingering, 100% Bamboo, 694y/616m/150g
Made of 6 bamboo strands, unplied. This yarn is very easy on the hands, with an amazing drape, lovely texture, and luscious sheen - perfect for garments, lacy shawls, and any woven projects. Multi-stranded yarns are not for everyone.



effective 1 June 2021 - muBamboo{cobweb}  (mB{c}) - $31.00, multi-stranded cobweb, 100% Bamboo, 1390y/1270m/100g